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Jowar Flour 1KG
Jowar is also known as Sorghum Millet in the Millets category. Jowar is the best food for dietary fiber which helps in digestion. It can be used for making Jowar Rotis, Breads, Cakes etc
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Rice Flour 1KG
Rice Flour: The most commonly used flour for every purpose is Rice Flour. Starting from breakfast to snacks, Rice flour is the main ingredient. Carefully sourced Rice varieties from Rural parts of Karnataka, VIJAYA FOODS, Rice Flour serves for every...
Rs. 55.00
Ragi Flour 1KG
Vijaya’s Ragi Flour is the richest source of calcium along with vitamin D helps to strengthen bones. It is an excellent source of natural calcium for children and aging people.
Rs. 60.00
Groundnut Chutney Powder 100GMS (Set of 2)
Groundnut Chutney Powder 100GMS (Set of 2)
Rs. 100.00
Ragi Popped Flour 400GMS (Set of 2)
Popped Ragi Flour is widely known as ragi hurihittu. The goodness of ragi in ragi hurihittu can be explored to the fullest extent. The natural aroma of ragi is unveiled when it is popped in a traditional way using iron...
Rs. 140.00
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Multi Grain Malt 500GMS (Set of 2)
Multi Grain Malt is a best alternative to all the flavored, chemically processed health mixes available. The multi grain malt is formulated based on the perfect mixing of the essential grains, pulses, spices and dry fruits which gives the best...
Rs. 420.00
Ragi Malt 200 GMS (Set of 2)
Ragi has a high fiber content & full of calcium. It even regulates blood sugar levels and is gluten free. Ragi also has anti microbial properties and reduces bad cholesterol. This can be used to make a variety of dishes which...
Rs. 180.00
Ragi Sari 500 GMS (Set of 2)
VIJAYA FOODS Ragi Sari is prepared using carefully selected Ragi grains. The grains are then sprouted and dried carefully. The dried grains are then powdered and go through a tedious process of filtering so that the Sari becomes baby freindly....
Rs. 420.00
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